Wireless Player Microphone

As used by the NBA / AFL / NRL and more

The Q5X Player mic is a multipurpose, versatile, totally sweat proof transmitter . It has a thin profile and is soft, making it comfortable for use during sports.

The player mic is 100% rechargeable with an internal lithium battery giving up to 4hrs on 100mw.

The player mic is also controlled via remote. Frequency / Gain / On Off are now freely controlled without touching the transmitter.

Not Just Equipment

SSSH Audio can provide turn key audio solutions that include both operators and equipment all under the one roof looking after and working with your budget. We supply everything from comms to consoles to PA systems and of course wireless.

Personnel & Resources

SSSH Audio can look after all audio operator requirements from location sound recordists / audio assistants / audio directors / rf techs / comms operators / foh ops / monitor ops / studio ops and other audio required skills.

20 Years Experience

SSSH Audio is managed by people in the industry who have been providing audio crew for all types of broadcast / shows / reality and events for 20 years.

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